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I vividly recall when Google started offering ads over 15 years ago. Clicks were only a few pennies. With a bar of entry so low any business could afford throwing a few bucks at the ads to see what sticks. One hundred dollars a month could get you a long way.

Fast forward 15 years and clicks can cost you from $10, $20 and even over $90 for some highly competitive search terms. Suddenly, one hundred bucks might get you a couple clicks; and those clicks may not even convert.

So what is a business owner or marketer to do with no budget?

It is all about your campaign objective.

Do you want to just get ‘seen’ by as many people as possible, and get heaps of impressions and put your name in front of everyone, and not concerned about anyone actually clicking the ad? This is the cheapest route, only costing pennies per impression. So, with this type of campaign you choose to be ‘billed by impression’.

Or do you want people to not only see your ad but also click it? This is more expensive, at $5-$90 per click. When choosing this type of campaign you will be opting for ‘billed by click’. This costs more because someone who clicks will be sent to your landing page, and is more likely to turn into a customer, therefore you get billed more.

So, for the business owner with no budget (Let’s say $100/month), who still wants to advertise, you need to make an ‘awareness’ campaign and choose to be billed by impression.

Some may say just advertising to ‘get your name out there’ is a waste of money. But rest assured if you’re paying for 1 penny impression, it is WELL worth $100 to get your ad seen by 100,000 people.

Go wide on your marketing.

Happy hunting.

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